Annual Fund FAQ

Why do I need to give more money to Houston Academy? I already pay for tuition.

As is the case with every independent school, tuition costs do not cover the entire amount necessary for the complete annual operation of the school. Our school is dependent upon unrestricted gifts toward the Annual Fund in order to maintain the high level of academic and faculty standards that you recognized when you selected Houston Academy as the school of choice for your student.

How will my child benefit from the Annual Fund? Is my money just going into someone else’s pocket?

Certainly not! In fact, it is a little known statistic that independent school faculty and staff are typically paid significantly less than teachers in the public school system. Such is the case with our own outstanding Houston Academy teachers and administrators. And yet, each and every one of them is dedicated to excellence, strives to challenge their students, and takes personally the responsibility to teach relevant life skills to all that come through our doors.

What will my gift specifically fund?

Disbursement of the Annual Fund is very wide. Nearly every department at Houston Academy will benefit from your gift ranging from academics to technology, from athletics to administration. Each area of the school requires bolstered support in order to not only maintain the excellence that has already been achieved, but also to increase the quality of each individual child’s education as we grow. It is also important to note that the more people we can show supporting HA financially, the more likely a foundation, for example, will award grants for capital improvements.

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