Thank you so much to everyone who volunteers with the PTO. You have all helped make our school such a wonderful learning environment for our children.

We are your PTO

By volunteering, we are showing our kids and teachers that we have respect for learning and that we value the effort that they display each day while they are at school. We are so fortunate to have such an active PTO that serves our students and provides extras that tuition doesn’t cover. We appreciate your support and encourage everyone to become involved.

Raider Run – February 10, 2024

May Fair – May 2, 2024


Funds raised by PTO go directly back into our school in ways that benefit our students, teachers, and our entire school community. Our goal is to raise money for the extras that tuition doesn’t cover.

Raider Retail is our biggest source of income for PTO. It is supported by volunteers every school day and allows students to purchase snacks and drinks in the new Grand Hall.

Throughout the year, PTO holds many fun events like Raider Run and Mayfair. Sponsorships and ticket sales for these events give PTO the ability to provide funds for school improvements while also bringing our community together.

Spirit Cards bring in funds for PTO by earning a percentage of sales from these cards. Spirit Cards also provide an opportunity for HA to support local businesses during the year; they are good for one full year August 31 to August 31.

In the past few years, PTO has funded several lower school requests for flexible seating in the classrooms, band equipment & supplies, and tents for additional outdoor shade during construction and renovations of our beautiful campus. These improvements totaled approximately $56,000 last year.

PTO also provided teacher/administrative luncheons throughout the year and provided supplies for the lunchroom as needed. These expenditures totaled approximately $15,000 last year.

The construction of the new middle school playground area (just next to the new amphitheater), was completed in Spring 2023. This area includes a large astroturf area, expanded basketball court with 2 goals, swing set area, and concrete area for 4-square play. There is also a large area for kickball, baseball, and wiffleball games as well as lots of other things the kids can imagine. PTO was able to provide 100% payment for this construction with funds raised over the last several years.

Our next vision for the school will be to provide funding for the construction of a new playground area for the Lower School. Planning is already in the works and we are so excited to be a part of this project!

We are proud of our accomplishments over the years and we hope you are too! We could not do these things to help Houston Academy without each of you and your financial and volunteer support! Thank you so very much.

PTO Facebook Groups

The HA PTO Facebook page provides important information quickly to our HA community. This is also a great place to ask questions and get quick answers, as well as network with other HA family members, friends and staff.

The Raider Marketplace Facebook page is available for the HA community to buy and sell gently used current school uniforms, jackets, t-shirts, current school books, or other HA merchandise.

@Houston-AcademyPTO Venmo

The HA PTO Venmo account name is @Houston-AcademyPTO.  We will be using this account for most PTO activities (Teacher Luncheons, Spirit cards, Raider Run Sponsors and Sign up for participants, etc).  Please note that Raider Retail has a separate venmo account and should only be used for Raider Retail purchases. In order to ensure your money goes exactly where you want it to go, please be very specific in your notes.  Please see the “cheat sheet” provided in the link below for guidance. We hope this will work well for all areas of fundraising for HA PTO. PTO email contacts

@Raider-Retail Venmo

This Venmo account is specifically used for Raider Retail purchases only. Please do not use this account for any other forms of PTO transactions. Thank you! @Raider-Retail is the handle.