ACT and SAT Testing

Achivement Tests

Each year the school administers the Stanford Achievement Test to students in grades 7 & 8. The 8th graders also take the Explorer Test (ACT). Sophomores and juniors are given the PSAT and the PLAN (ACT) tests. Fees are charged for in-school testing. Students are required to take the ACT or SAT in the junior or senior years. The dates for these tests are posted on the school calendar.

ACT Test Dates

Test DateRegistration Deadlines
DateRegular DeadlineLate Fee Required
September 9, 2023August 17, 2023TBD
October 28, 2023October 12, 2023TBD
December 9, 2023November 16, 2023TBD
February 11, 2023January 18, 2024TBD
April 15, 2023March 28, 2024TBD
June 10, 2023May 23, 2024TBD
July 15, 2023June 20, 2024TBD

Visit for more information and to register for the ACT.

An alternative non-Saturday test date may be available for special cases.

SAT Test Dates

Test DateSubject TestsRegistration DeadlineLate Registration Deadline (fee applies)Deadline for Changes
August 27, 2022TBDJuly 29, 2022TBDTBD
October 1, 2022TBDSeptember 2, 2022TBDTBD
November 5, 2022TBDOctober 7, 2022TBDTBD
December 3, 2022TBDNovember 3, 2022TBDTBD
March 11, 2023TBDFebruary 10, 2023TBDTBD
May 6, 2023TBDApril 7, 2023TBDTBD
June 3, 2023TBDMay 4, 2023TBDTBD

1 Subject Tests for Future Dates: TBD

2 Subject Tests for Future Dates: TBD

Visit for more information and to register for the SAT.