Raiders of the Quarter Awards

December 14, 2022

Raiders of the Quarter Awards.

NJHS US Quarter Student of the Month Quarter 2

To recognize students’ accomplishments in our community, the National Junior Honor Society has implemented a “Raider Excellence Award” program, honoring students’ successes inside and outside of the classroom. Once a quarter, NJHS will recognize a different MS and US student that demonstrates one or more of the four pillars of NJHS: scholarship, service, leadership, and citizenship. The recipient of this award was nominated and voted on by the teachers at Houston Academy.

Grade 9: Emmett Payne

In the words of Mrs. Sewell “Emmett is a responsible, hardworking student who demonstrates a positive attitude and a love of learning, follows classroom rules, is respectful of teachers and peers and exceeds expectations.  Emmett always goes the extra mile in his own work, as well as to help others whenever he can.  Emmett is dedicated and participates in several extracurricular activities such as football, wrestling and soccer, all while showing a thirst for all the new knowledge he can take in.”  Congratulations, Emmett!

Grade 10: – Jason Munn

The 10th Grade Raider of the Quarter is Jason Munn

According to  Mr. Selig Jason Munn is an extremely well-rounded young man.  He is an All Star player in the Band and an important member  of the Robotics and Tennis teams. Jason has chosen an extremely rigorous academic course load and maintains a GPA well above 4.0.  Jason exemplifies what it means to be a Raider!

Grade 11: Charles Ibie

The 11th Grade Raider of the Quarter is Charles Ibie. In the words of Ms. Sanera, Charles is a very kind, courteous, and respectful student to his teachers and his peers. He always contributes to class discussions in meaningful and productive ways. He is a leader amongst his peers, as he exemplifies what it means to be an active, engaged learner in the classroom, and this is demonstrated by the high marks he consistently earns on his tests in AP Psychology. Congratulations Charles!

Grade 12: TIE – Amie Sanera and Lili Jeffers

The 12th Grade Raider of the Quarter came down to a tie.  The first co-winner  is Amie Sanera.  In the words of Mrs. Lewis, “Amie works hard in the classroom.  She is kind and always willing to help others.  Amie is a joy to have in class.”  Congratulations, Amie!

The award also goes to Lili Jeffers.  According to Mr. David, “Aside from being friendly to all and always willing to assist and support her peers, Lily maintains a high level of academic success consistently day in and day out. She is always willing to participate and places maximum effort on her assignments all while maintaining a positive attitude.  Congratulations, Lili.

NJHS MS Quarter Student of the Month Quarter 2

Grade 5:  Hitha Girish

The 5th grade Raider of the Quarter is Hitha Girish. In the words of Mrs. Savoy, “Hitha has a very warm, friendly and very positive attitude toward school and learning.  She always tries her best at everything she does.  She is kind and encouraging to everyone.  She inspires me every day!” Congratulations, Hitha!

Grade 6: Aubree Murphree

The sixth grade Raider of the Quarter is Aubree Murphree. In Mrs. Holly Braswell’s words, “Aubree always is a joy and has a positive attitude at school.  She never complains, and enjoys learning.  She works well with others, and constantly does her best work in class and at home.”

Congratulations Aubree!

Grade 7:  Mary Claire Davis & Eva Sturridge 

The 7th Grade Raider of the Quarter came to a tie.  The first co-winner is Mary Claire Davis. In the words of Mrs. Blumberg, “ Mary Claire exemplifies the qualities of the “NJHS Raider of the Quarter” because she is consistently prompt, reliable and dependable. Not only is she always on time for class, she is also prepared.  One can always depend on Mary Claire to be reliable as well.  She is always attentive in class and listening to what is being said.  Based on these three commendable qualities, this is why I have chosen Mary Clare as the NJHS Raider of the Month.”   Congratulations, Mary Claire!

The next co-winner of Raider of the Quarter for 7th grade is Eva Sturridge.  In Mrs. Davis’ words: “Eva works hard and is kind every day!  She sets a good example to her peers with her positivity and can-do attitude.  Each assignment is completed with care, and each project has her own unique personality in it.  She does small things with great love and kindness! ”  Congratulations, Eva!

Grade 8: – McGowan Howell

The 8th Grade Raider of the Quarter is McGowan Howell.  According to Coach Whigham, “McGowan is a very kind and respectful student. She always tries to do her best and is always very appreciative of any help you give her. She always has her work and she is never a discipline problem in class. She will go the “extra mile” in her note taking and is very meticulous as she does her work. I am pleased to nominate her for Raider of the Quarter.”  Congratulations, McGowan!

Congratulations to all of the students that were nominated and selected by their teachers to be a Raider of the Quarter.  Keep up the excellent work.  Go Raiders!

Go Raiders!