Teacher Tuesday Spotlight: Ms. Melissa Sanera

February 23, 2021

Teacher Tuesday Spotlight: Ms. Melissa Sanera.

Today’s interview was conducted by the US Digital Media Team (Mason Crowder, Brody Williams, Alex Kreger, JT Eberhart).

HA US DM: What are a couple things that amaze you about the human brain?

Melissa Sanera: The human brain is fascinating for so many reasons. Neuroplasticity, the brain’s ability to reorganize itself after damage or when we experience something new, demonstrates our unique ability to learn and adapt to our ever-changing environments. We learn about a girl with literally half a brain (only one hemisphere) who is able to do all the things people with an intact brain can do because of this phenomenon. I’m also amazed at identical twin studies because they are the best way to determine which of our behaviors are biologically or environmentally (or both) determined.

HA US DM: What has been your favorite trip/vacation, and why?

Melissa Sanera: One of my favorite trips I’ve taken was to Sicily. Giant seaside cliffs rising out of the Mediterranean Sea along with the rich history of the island, from ancient times to WW2, made this history teacher very happy. We visited the Valley of the Temples, a series of 8 temples built in the 5th century BC by the Greeks to various gods, and visited the ancient hilltop city of Erice.

HA US DM: What has been your favorite part about teaching psychology and why?

Melissa Sanera: My favorite part about teaching psychology is how relevant the content is to the lives of my students. No matter what career path they take in the future, whether it’s medicine or law or engineering, understanding and identifying the factors that impact human behavior will be an important skill. It’s one of the most useful courses they will take at Houston Academy.

Thank you, Ms. Sanera, for all you do for our HA community!