Teacher Tuesday Spotlight: Mrs. Linda Johnson

February 9, 2021

Teacher Tuesday Spotlight: Mrs. Linda Johnson.

This evening’s interview was conducted by the US Digital Media Team (Mason Crowder, Brody Williams, Alex Kreger, JT Eberhart).

HA US DM: If you didn’t teach Spanish, what subject would be your favorite to teach and why?

Mrs. Linda johnson: If I didn’t teach Spanish, I would likely teach French because that was my original second language.  I earned a degree in French and business before earning a second degree in French/Spanish and education.

HA US DM: Have you ever been in a situation where you had to use Spanish? (and why did you have to use it in that occurrence.)

Mrs. Linda Johnson: I obviously had to use my Spanish while visiting Mexico; however, on many occasions, I have found myself in a situation where a Spanish-speaking person could benefit from my help.  Some of those occasions have been while traveling and others have been right here in Alabama.  Believe it or not, I even used my French while working in a grocery store in Phenix City.

HA US DM: What is the hardest Spanish lesson to teach for you, and what is the hardest lesson for the students to learn?

Mrs. Linda Johnson: The hardest lesson for me to teach and students to learn is the subjunctive mood because it is seldom used in English.

HA US DM: What are three positive, fun, vivid memories from the past here at HA?

Mrs. Linda Johnson: I have many fun and vivid memories from my years at Houston Academy.  One would be canoeing 10 miles down the Pea River with my 9th graders back when even Upper School had the end of the year parties.  Another would be the life-size Candy Land game my students and I created one year for Foreign Language Week, complete with decorations and costumes.  Last, but not least would be having some of my early students introduce me to my husband.  As a result of those match-makers, I had the privilege of watching both my daughters attend Houston Academy from 3P through 12th grade.  We joke that my oldest daughter was almost born at HA because I had to leave a midterm review session to go to the hospital for her delivery.

Thank you, Mrs. Johnson, for all you do for our HA community!