Teacher Tuesday Spotlight: Mrs. Karen Boothe

January 26, 2021

Teacher Tuesday Spotlight: Mrs. Karen Boothe.

This evening’s interview was conducted by the US Digital Media Team (Mason Crowder, Brody Williams, Alex Kreger, JT Eberhart).

HA US DM: What do you like to do in your spare time?

Mrs. Boothe: There are many activities that I enjoy outside of school. I love going to the lake with my family. We enjoy all kinds of water sports. I also love to travel and hope one day to have visited every state in America. I’m getting close! I also enjoy gardening and reading. I’ve been a huge football fan all my life and enjoy watching high school, college, and pro games. Going to Green Bay to watch the Packers play at Lambeau Field is one items on my bucket list.

HA US DM: Why do you love Houston Academy and the Lower School?

Mrs. Boothe: My love of Houston Academy stems from my 38 years as a teacher, parent, administrator, and grandparent. Houston Academy is truly an incredible community. Shortly after I arrived at HA in 1983, I realized I had landed in the academic environment every teacher dreams of. I’ve had the privilege to work with so many dedicated and loving teachers and staff, supportive families, and, most of all, precious children that are kind, smart, talented, and eager to learn. Lower School students bring me joy each day and they give the best hugs! I am proud of the way Houston Academy has grown and adapted over the years to make school experiences better for the students. I love my school!

HA US DM: What are some memorable moments that you recall over the years during your career at HA?

Mrs. Boothe: I have quite a few memorable moments during my years at HA. I’ll never forget that during the renovation of the school in 1995, LS grades 2nd-6th had to move to a building on the east side of town (the Phoenix Building).  We were there for four months until the renovation was completed. That was a challenge, but thanks to the teachers, we made it work. In August of 2005, shortly after the school year began, Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans and the surrounding areas. We welcomed many displaced families into our school and supported them the best we could that year. I’ll never forget those students. During the 2019-20 school year we celebrated Houston Academy’s 50th year. It was so much fun reuniting with former students, parents, headmasters, and trustees. Sadly, COVID put an early end to some of the activities we had planned.

Thank you, Mrs. Boothe, for all you do for our HA community!