Teacher Tuesday Spotlight: Mrs. Ashleigh Savoy

January 19, 2021

Teacher Tuesday Spotlight: Mrs. Ashleigh Savoy.

This afternoon’s interview was conducted by the US Digital Media Team (Mason Crowder, Brody Williams, Alex Kreger, JT Eberhart).

HA US DM: What is your favorite thing about HA?

Mrs. Savoy: One of my favorite things about HA is that our families value the importance of education. My daddy always said, Your education is  one thing that can never be taken from you.” Even though many students may not see the value of their education right now, they will, certainly, look back and reflect on how fortunate they were to have access to a quality learning experience. I enjoy working with people who are always eager to learn something new. I consider myself a student as well, in that I hope I can learn something new every day!

HA US DM: What or who influenced your decision to become a teacher?

Mrs. Savoy: I would have to say that my headmaster when I was in high school was the main reason I wanted to be a teacher. She was an amazing educator and leader. She was very wise in the way she lived, and I admired the way she influenced so many students to achieve, assert, and succeed not only in school but in life. I believe that teachers are some of the first people that students associate with adulthood. They have great power to impact young students’ beliefs and values. It takes a very wise person to influence others with your actions and not just your words.

HA US DM: Where is your favorite place to go on vacation?

Mrs. Savoy: My favorite place to go on vacation is the beach. I love to boat and spend time on the water. It is a place where I can relax and appreciate nature and wildlife without the distractions of everyday busyness.

HA US DM: Anything else you would like to share?

Mrs. Savoy: I am so grateful everyday that I can come to work at a place I love, and have colleagues for whom I admire and respect. I am also thankful for my students who make me laugh, smile and appreciate the joy of interacting with children and watching them grow academically.

Thank you, Mrs. Savoy, for all you do for our HA community!