Teacher Tuesday Spotlight: Sonja Mack

January 26, 2021

Teacher Tuesday Spotlight: Sonja Mack.

This evening’s interview was conducted by the US Digital Media Team (Mason Crowder, Brody Williams, Alex Kreger, JT Eberhart).

HA US DM: Why did you get into teaching?

Sonja Mack: Well, I have BA in Classical Languages.  After I graduated from college and didn’t know what I wanted to do, I ended up waitressing for a few months and understanding I needed a better plan!  I thought about what I liked and realized I liked tutoring other students while I was in college.  Which led me to get my Masters in Teaching Latin!  I like students and I like the subjects I teach. I enjoy when I can get the students to understand or appreciate (or best – both understand and appreciate) what I am trying to teach them!!

HA US DM: What was the most inspirational thing you’ve heard while teaching?

Sonja Mack: I love when the students “get it” especially if it is something they have been struggling with.  So when a student tells me he or she understands the thing we are working on that inspires me. 

HA US DM: In what ways has HA changed over the years?

Sonja Mack: I came to HA in 1996 so it has been a while now.  Some things don’t change – we have some of the best and most hardworking students in the area.  Other things have changed – the administration, the teachers, dress code to uniforms! And then there is all the technology!  We have a Middle school division not just Lower school, Upper school and Pre-school!  So there has been a lot of change, but the essence of what I do – teach – is the same!  I just need to keep learning different ways of doing it!

Thank you, Mrs. Mack, for all you do for our HA community!