Director of Facilities

October 21, 2020

The Director of Facilities reports to the Business Manager. Responsibilities include the following:

• To oversee the physical operation of the entire school and its program;

• To create and oversee the careful maintenance and cleaning programs that keep the school’s appearance in exemplary condition;

• To oversee and evaluate the work of a buildings and grounds crew;

• To create and oversee an on-going equipment replacement program and PPRSM budget;

• To develop, maintain and report all required environmental, health and maintenance standards, as required by law, and to work with the administration to ensure compliance with all regional, state, and federal regulations and laws as they impact the school;

• To assist the administration with all school special events;

• To maintain and update all emergency management plans and to coordinate fire drills, tornado drills, and intruder drills;

• To arrange bids and develop specifications for all outside contractual work;

• To oversee the work of all outside contractors to ensure compliance with contractual agreements and budgetary restrictions;

• To serve as staff support for the Buildings and Grounds Committee of the Board of Trustees;

• To perform other duties as assigned by the Headmaster;

• To support the school and its leadership.

If interested please fill out this application and send a resume to Dr. Scott Phillipps at

901 Buena Vista Dr, Dothan, AL 36303-1909, United States

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