NJHS Raider of the Quarter (1st); Upper School students recognized

October 29, 2019

Congratulations to the Raiders of the Quarter (1st) for Upper School.

Raider of the Quarter  (Sims Mendheim speaking….)

Good afternoon.  My name is Sims Mendheim, and I am a member of the NJHS Executive Team. The National Junior Honor Society created the “Raider of the Quarter” program during the 2018-19 school year to honor students’ success inside and outside of the classroom. At the end of each Quarter, NJHS will honor Middle and Upper School students that demonstrate one or more of the four pillars of NJHS: scholarship, service, leadership, and citizenship. The recipients of this award have been nominated and voted on by the faculty at Houston Academy.  I would like to introduce freshmen Nadia Soifer and Griffin McGee; they will assist me in introducing the recipients of the NJHS Students of the Quarter.

Lewis Carter – 9th Grade

The first recipient for the 9th grade for the Raider of the Quarter Award is.. Lewis Carter. In the words of Mrs.Dean, “Lewis is a new student, but you would never know. He immediately donated his time to various groups, and it was evident that he wanted to be apart of the HA family from the start.” Congratulations, Lewis!

Leah-Kate Dumas – 10th grade

The 10th grade Raider of the Quarter is Leah-Kate Dumas. In Mrs. Wright’s words “Leah-Kate is a very conscientious student that not only strives for excellence in academics, but also in music and band. She is willing to help others when needed and is well respected by her peers. She is kind to others and represents Houston Academy well.”  Congratulations, Leah-Kate!

Cooper Lee – 11th grade

We had a tie for the 11th grade recipients.The first co-recipient of the 11th grade Raider of the Quarter is awarded to…. Cooper Lee. In Mrs. Dean’s words, “Cooper was nominated because she is a very conscientious student. She has a strong work ethic in class and with her extra-curricular activities. Cooper also has a very positive attitude which is infectious! Even on her “bad” days, she is upbeat! ” Congratulations, Cooper!

Caley Caldwell – 11th grade

The second co-recipient of the 11th grade Raider of the Quarter is awarded to…. Caley Caldwell. In his Mrs Phillipps’ words, “Caley Caldwell beautifully embodies the idea of a leader.  In the academic setting, she is competent, strong, and prepared.  She does not rely on others to do the work for which she is responsible. In group work, she helps others to reach high standards, and she encourages fellow students in such as way that they feel fortunate to be with her. Athletically, she plays fall, winter, and spring. For each sport, she works hard and also sets the standard for her team to use 100% of themselves.  Every day, Caley works hard; she pushes herself beyond the point of comfort or exhaustion because she will not let her team or herself down. As a team captain, she is the first to build camaraderie; in watching the volleyball team play, you can see how much they support one another. Earlier this year, after a particularly hard win, the team was jumping around, celebrating, and taking pictures with their parents to document the victory.  Caley was packing up the net and equipment. In short, she is responsible, has leadership skills, and leads by example. HA is lucky to have her.” Congratulations, Caley!

Anna-Grace Dumas – 12th grade

We also had a tie for the 12th grade recipients. The first co-recipient for the 12th grade the Raider of the Quarter Award is.. Anna-Grace Dumas. In Mrs. Lewis’s words, “Anna-Grace is kind to everyone. She excels in academics and makes time for community service and the band. She is a wonderful student.” In the words of Mrs.Phillipps… “Anna-Grace works tirelessly with the band not only as the Drum Major, but in getting events organized. She is a leader for the whole band. In Scholars’ Bowl, Anna-Grace fulfils her leadership role as a senior should; she comes to every practice and keeps track of other team members, even though she has many other commitments. She tutors four days a week after school, and two of those students would struggle significantly without her help. As a teacher, I can always count on her, as she is excellent with time-management and organization. Having taken almost every AP class offered at HA, her academic prowess shows she has a curious nature. Through all of her academic responsibilities and extra curricular clubs, she still makes the class macaroons like a professional baker! Anna-Grace excels in everything she does. ” In the words of Mr.Holmes, “Anna-Grace consistently serves the Houston Academy family through acts of kindness and goes above and beyond when working with a team.” Congratulations, Anna Grace!

Anna Grace Holland – 12th grade

The first co-recipient for the 12th grade for the Raider of the Quarter Award is Anna Grace Holland. In Mr. Selig’s words, “Anna Grace is a dedicated student that is always loyal to her classmates and the school. She is incredibly mature and consistently puts the needs of others ahead of her own. She is an active member and leader of the SGA, EPIC, NHS, and Blue Zone. Anna Grace exemplifies what it means to be a Raider!” 

Closing: Griffin McGee

Thank you and congratulations to all of the students recognized today as NJHS Raiders of the Quarter.  In addition to this initiative to promote scholarship, NJHS will be organizing two important events in the future and would like to invite the community to participate. One of these events is the NJHS Car Wash on Saturday October 26th from 10:00AM to 12:00 PM.  The second event is a COIN Fundraiser that will occur from October 28th to November 1st. Please support these two important events and assist us in our effort to support cancer research.

Brian Jackson
Director of Marketing and Communications
Houston Academy