Preschool students raise nearly $500 for Water Service Project

May 15, 2018

Preschool students raise nearly $500 for Water Service Project

Back in February, the preschool students participated in our Water Service Project. Each class participated in lessons/activities about water and the importance of clean water. Each Friday in February the preschoolers were able to purchase popsicles to help raise money to send to Nicaragua for water filters. Two of HA’s own Upper School students went on this mission trip with Westgate Church of Christ to Nicaragua during Spring Break. (Ben Nelson and Caroline Nelson)

Our preschool students raised $482.46 to help purchase supplies to build water filters/water pumps in Nicaragua. Each water filter cost $25.00. Mision Para Cristo in Jinotega, Nicaragua is who we partnered up with in this project.

Photos below of our 3P students enjoying their popsicles as well as Ben Nelson working on a manual water pump in Nicaragua over Spring Break.

Brian Jackson
Director of Marketing and Communications
Houston Academy