HA student writes and illustrates book

January 25, 2018

Houston Academy 10th grader, Mary Catherine Dulaney, writes and illustrates book.

Mary Catherine Dulaney is a 10th grader at Houston Academy. Mary Catherine decided to write and illustrate a book called David’s Choice. She remembers being thirteen years old and sitting on the floor in geography class watching a video about poverty. That was the pivotal moment she realized not everyone has access to clean drinking water. She also realized that she wasn’t the only person not aware that many people in different places are walking several miles a day, only to provide their family with unsanitary water. So, she decided to educate others about this topic. Mary Catherine has helped raise money to build a well for an African Village, so they can have their own source of clean drinking water. Donations have been given to “The Giving Well”. She also wrote and illustrated this book to help bring more awareness to youth. Pictures and Video are seen below of her reading to our Kindergarten class.

Brian Jackson
Director of Marketing and Communications
Houston Academy