Houston Academy’s Music and Drama departments receive superior ratings

November 13, 2017

Houston Academy’s Music and Drama departments receive 9 superior ratings.

The US/MS Choir, HARmonix, members of the US and MS Drama classes and 4 soloists from Houston Academy (under the direction of Mrs. Ronda Paoletti) attended the Fall Choral and Theatre Festival Competition on November 8.  HA received nine superior ratings out of nine entries!

HARmonix:  94 Superior
US/MS Choir:  90 Superior
Nicholas Paoletti solo:  98 Superior
Maggie Janney solo:  97 Superior
Rabab Meghani solo:  95 Superior
Kathleen Weatherford solo:  91 Superior
Kate Sullivan:  40/50 Gold Seal, Superior
Natalie Janney:  42/50 Gold Seal, Superior
Cooper Lee:  43/50 Gold Seal, Superior
*HARmonix placed 3rd in the division in the state!*
US/MS Choir: Nicholas Paoletti, Veda Joshi, Jerome Godwin, Luke Swafford, Sophia Soifer, Maggie Janney, Kathleen Weatherford, Cassidy Ryan and Lauren Montgomery, Holley Hart, Erin Potter, Mason Crowder, Brody Williams
HARmonix: Rabab Meghani, Natalie Janney, Maggie Janney, Iyanna Freeman, Erin Potter, Sofia Paoletti, Sophia Soifer, Kathleen Weatherford, Lauren Montgomery, Nicholas Paoletti, Joseph Watts, Kylee Day, Cassidy Ryan
Drama: Natalie Janney (8th grade); Cooper Lee (9th grade); Kate Sullivan (9th grade)
*Cooper Lee also received 2nd in State for her monologue!*
Soloists: Nicholas Paoletti (12th grade;  98/100); Maggie Janney (10th grade 97/100); Rabab Meghani (11th grade 94/100); Kathleen Weatherford (10th grade 91/100)
Brian Jackson
Director of Marketing and Communications
Houston Academy