Henry Beckett dedicates football season to Pediatric Cancer Research

September 5, 2017

Henry Beckett dedicates season to Pediatric Cancer Research

Henry Beckett attended a kicking camp this past summer to improve his athletic ability as well as gain national exposure. He did just that by averaging 62 yards on kickoffs and making 22 field goals. During the camp he noticed a booth set up called Kick-It for Cancer. “I spoke with the people that ran the booth and I received more information on the organization,” Beckett said. “After doing research online, I wanted to do it and dedicate this season to Addy Kate White.” Addy Kate passed away last spring from a DIPG brain tumor. “This fundraiser is for her, and the dollars donated will go directly to childhood cancer research,” Beckett said.

Photo Courtesy of Chelsea & Joey Photography

If you’ve attended a Raider Football game this season, you may have noticed an “AK” sticker on the back of the Raider helmets. “I thought about that in the spring and asked our coaches if we could do that, and of course they supported the idea,” Beckett said. “The gold is for Pediatric Cancer, and the grey is for Brain Cancer. We had them made for the team and everyone has worn them each game. I’m very thankful for everyone backing me up on this campaign, and hope to keep surpassing our goal as the season continues.”

Henry Beckett’s first goal of the campaign was $1,500 for the season, which has already been surpassed. “Two games into the season, and we are doing much better than I thought we’d do. I’m very happy about that,” Beckett said. “It’s been great to see the community support this cause and help join me in the fight against children’s cancer.”

It hasn’t just been residents of Alabama donating to this campaign. There have been donations from other states such as Florida, Georgia, and even Colorado. “The HA raider family got together and helped me share this campaign,” Beckett said. “Facebook was definitely a big help once the link was shared. It’s a blessing to have everyone come together and support this cause.”

Brian Jackson
Directory of Marketing & Communications
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