HA Alumnus launches a new ACT exam prep app

August 22, 2017

HA alumnus, Wesley Watkins, launches a new ACT exam prep App

Wesley Watkins was just a 10th grader at Houston Academy when he thought of this great idea, but it took him a few years before he turned that idea into fruition. Wesley is a 2016 graduate of Houston Academy, and now attends Florida State University majoring in Computer Science. He recently visited HA and shared his new business, The Perfect 36.

When Wesley prepared for ACT exams, he found out quickly that it was a tough process. “I wanted to help the next generation of kids as they prepped for ACT exams.” Watkins said. “The ACT exam can be intimidating for High School students and it was even challenging for me when I was younger. I feel my app can help them.”

The app, Perfect 36, recently was published on the app store, and can be downloaded for $3.99. “It was roughly a six month process to create the app,” Watkins said. “Once I learned valuable information in my COP 33 programming class, I had the tools to turn my dreams into reality.”

“My freshman year in college was when I was able to make the app. There were several stages of programming I needed to learn before I could develop it. For example, being unconsciously incompetent, where you don’t know what you don’t know. On the flip side, being consciously competent where you have the tools and knowledge you need to be successful,” Watkins said.

If Wesley could turn back time, he wished he would have developed the app when he originally came up with the idea. “I would always tell my friends and family that I am going to create this app and it’s going to be the next big thing,” Watkins said. “But I would always talk about it, never did act on it.”

“If I could offer up any advice to the next generation, it’d be to put action behind your ideas, rather than telling everyone about it,” Watkins said.

Brian Jackson
Directory of Marketing & Communications
Houston Academy