Inaugural SGA Icebreaker

August 28, 2017

SGA Icebreaker 2017

The Inaugural, SGA Icebreaker was a brand new event held at Houston Academy this year. Upper School Head, Mr. Craig Selig, recommended the idea to the SGA committee this past summer. The SGA President, Harrison Rudd, loved the concept and the committee members ran with it. “There were several hours of preparation behind the scenes leading up to the event,” Rudd said. “Mr. Selig suggested a fine idea, and the SGA committee, along with fellow members, came together as a team to facilitate a fantastic program for our student body.”

The SGA at Houston Academy consists of 85 members along with committee heads. There is an SGA President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary. “Students are welcome to join the SGA,” Rudd said. “It’s a great opportunity to develop leadership skills here at Houston Academy. The SGA also partakes in community service projects, which provides several opportunities to give back to the community. It definitely helps your resume, and we host fun events throughout the school year.”

The SGA Icebreaker was a perfect opportunity to kick off the school year and really get students engaged. “I thought the event was fantastic,” Rudd said. “The students enjoyed the competitions and it built fun rivalries amongst the different grade levels. It was also an opportunity for students to build leadership skills amongst their respective units. We want to continue the Icebreaker for many years to come. The senior class of 2018 won the inaugural trophy, but we will see who wins it next year. The trophy is a revolving trophy with 16 name plates.”

Brian Jackson
Director of Marketing & Communications
Houston Academy