3rd Grade Cabbage Patch

May 2, 2017

Bonnie Plants is hosting a statewide cabbage-growing competition for a grand prize of $1000 in scholarship money. This competition is a wonderful way to engage children’s interest in agriculture, while teaching them not only the basics of gardening but the importance of growing our own foods. This program allows the children to have a hands-on experience in growing food, and teaches them life lessons in responsibility and nature.

Although the chances for winning a statewide competition are slim, the students are also capitalizing on this experience to interact with a living science project. Mr. Mark and Coach Robbins built a raised garden-bed near the gazebo, and the students were able to plant some cabbages here on campus!

Before planting them, the students researched how to take care of cabbage plants, and after a few weeks of healthy growth, they have been testing hypotheses about how to keep insects away.

Students used the scientific method to predict, analyze, and synthesize weekly experiments with growing the cabbages in raised beds. Students culminated the learning project by donating their crop to the Dothan Rescue Mission. The cabbages donated will provide 3 meals for around 100 people. This project also ties into Houston Academy’s Global Citizenship Initiative, as this year’s topic is “food.”

Here are some photos of the students harvesting their cabbages and determining the results of their experiments.