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The mission of Houston Academy Advancement is to support the financial, capital, and resource needs of the school by encouraging community support, utilizing intentional admissions practices, and through positive, educational public outreach.

Dear Parents and Friends of Houston Academy:

I would like to offer my most sincere thanks for your continued support of Houston Academy and our mission to provide the finest college preparatory education in the Wiregrass. To that end, I would also like to take this opportunity to ask for your support for our 2016-17 Annual Fund.

As you are certainly aware, tuition at independent schools like HA does not cover all our operating expenses. Moreover, supporting the programs and quality education that our school provides requires the continued support of all our stakeholders. While the school is certainly on a sound financial footing, our ambitious strategic plan needs your assistance if we are to continue to grow as a school of excellence.

Our principal goal is to have 100% participation from our faculty, staff, and parent body.

Our overall goal for this year’s annual fund is $150,000, but our principal goal is to have 100% participation from our faculty, staff, and parent body. The importance of 100% participation is more than symbolic – 100% participation allows our Development Office to make a strong case to foundations and granting agencies that our community is united, dedicated, and worthy of outside support.

Often, I have been asked, “Where do my annual fund dollars go?” First, let me assure you that the money raised through the annual fund immediately supports the students and faculty at Houston Academy. It is not set aside for future needs or projects. Specifically, however, there are a number of areas that the Annual Fund will enhance. To name but a few, your contribution helps:

  1. Support the 1:1 laptop and iPad initiative through software, apps, and hardware upgrades,
  2. Offer faculty development and training to employ educational-best practices for technology integration and 21stCentury Learning,
  3. Enhance the physical security of our campus,
  4. Improve and maintain the aesthetic beauty of our campus,
  5. Provide classroom supplies for our teachers,
  6. Supplement and expand our visual and performing arts programs, and
  7. Bring in programming and guest speakers to enrich the educational environment at HA.

In short, your tax-deductible gift to Houston Academy is a tangible gift to the children and teachers at HA. Please join me in supporting our cause. Feel free to contact Joel Pendleton, Leanne Todd, or me with any questions.


Dr. Scott D. Phillipps
Houston Academy

  • Annual Fund 2016-17 84%

The annual fund immediately supports the students and faculty at Houston Academy