Karen Boothe

Head of Lower School

Dr. Vince Janney

Head of Middle School, Asst. Head of School for Academic Affairs

Craig Selig



Email: seligc@houstonacademy.com

Debbie Thornton

Business Manager

Joel Pendleton

Director of Advancement

Melanie Woodcock

Director of Technology

Brian Jackson

Director of Marketing and Communications

Brian Hart

Dean of Students, History Teacher


Email: hartb@houstonacademy.com

Mike Sickafoose

Athletic Director

Jim Robbins

Director of Buildings and Grounds


Mr. Taylor Flowers


Mrs. Katherine Lee


Mr. Kevin Savoy


Mr. Harrison Morris


Mr. Hayne Hollis


Dr. David Alford

Dr. Roben Ash

Mr. Judson Brooks

Mr. Charles Buntin

Mrs. Jeanne Dismukes

Mr. Reid Dove

Dr. Michelle Freeman

Mrs. Mary Beth Marshall

Mrs. Shannon McRae

Mr. Mark Saliba

Mr. Shane Sinquefield

Mrs. Leslie Watson

Mrs. Suzanne Woods

Mrs. Arwa Yunis

About the Board

Since 1970, the Houston Academy Board of Trustees has operated as a self-perpetuating board, which governs itself according to its bylaws. A self-perpetuating board is one on which new board members are selected by existing board members. The functions of the board are to ensure that the school is well funded for current and future needs, to employ and supervise the Head of School, to establish broad policies consistent with the school’s mission, and to monitor the school’s success in meeting its stated mission.

As with all independent schools, Houston Academy’s routine or daily operations are the responsibility of the Head of School and the school’s Division Heads, in whose decisions the Board of Trustees does not intervene.  In particular, the Board of Trustees does not serve as an appellate court to review the decisions of the Head of School.  Members of the Board want to be knowledgeable about matters of concern to the HA community, and welcome opportunities to discuss them with parents, students, and alumni. However, challenges to decisions and actions of teachers, coaches, staff, and administrators should be made to the appropriate Division Head, and then, if needed, to the Head of School.

Houston Academy’s Board of Trustees subscribes to the Principles of Good Practice established by the National Association of Independent Schools for its member schools. These principles define the high standards and ethical behavior that are expected of member schools in key areas of school operations.