Math and Computer Science Olympiad

March 22, 2017

On March 17 we had 40 students represent HA at the 34th Annual Tri-State Math and Computer Science Olympiad, held at Wallace Community College. There were 32 schools represented, three divisions, and over 800 students tested. HA competed in Division B, and our students brought back 10 trophies and nine ribbons. Congratulations to the following students for their accomplishments:

3rd – Choe Kim
4th – Kinion Fowler
6th – Jaylee Strickland

Algebra I
2nd – Veda Joshi

Algebra II
2nd – Christopher Tamburin
4th – Chaitanya Chennareddy
6th – Bailey Eubanks

1st – Camp Shelor
2nd – Ben Beauchamp

2nd – Ian Kim
3rd – David Edwards

Advanced Math
1st – Camp Shelor
3rd – Ben Beauchamp
4th – Niko Stefanov

Microcomputer Applications
3rd – Truett Majure
6th – Alexander Lund

Computer Literacy
4th – Walker Sexton
5th – Niko Stefanov
6th – Paul Beauchamp